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Matarazzo Hair Transplant – Specialized in FUE technique is located in Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro - RJ and Caminho das Árvores, Salvador - BA. We use the FUE (FOLLICULAR UNIT EXTRACTION) technique, relying on national and international certificates in Florida (USA) and Istanbul (Turkey).

Equipe Hair Transplant


Our team is completely formed by professionals in the health area, and a specialized doctor performs the surgeries from the beginning until the end, with last generation equipments brought in from the USA and Turkey, guaranteeing the naturalness that you don’t see in other hair transplant techniques.

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You can clear any doubt, discuss and align your expectations with the procedures. The online assessment doesn’t replace the pre-surgery medical appointment, in which the personal assessment will be made by the doctor.

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Follicular Unit Hair Extraction

Transplante Capilar FUE

Is it possible to have a hair transplant with minimum scars in a fast a natural-looking way? Yes! The FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Hair Transplant technique is one the most searched techniques for baldness reversal.

First, the surgeon extracts the follicles, separating them individually. Unlike the FUT Hair Transplant technique, the FUE Hair Transplant technique demands more practice from the surgeon, which states even more the specialist’s skills and the importance of choosing the right professional, because all of the follicles need to be transplanted intact, which guarantees the total growth of the transplanted strands.

Another thing worth stressing is that the surgeon will take every care when positioning the strands, thinking of the patient’s hair format and its dimensions. With this assessment, the results are very natural and positive.

Another advantage of the FUE Hair Transplant technique is the fast healing process of the donor area. The patient needs local anesthesia but is released on the same day and the complete healing takes on average 10 days!

Having doubts if the FUE Hair Transplant procedure is for you? Make sure to schedule your assessment!

Form of Assessement

See below positions for the pictures

Hair Transplant Step 1
Hair Transplant Step 2
Hair Transplant Step 3
Hair Transplant Step 4

1 - Stay in front on the camera with your head slightly tilted downward.
2 - Stay aside from the camera with your head slightly tilted to the opposite side.
3 - Stand with your back straight, with your head slightly tilted to show the crown area.
4 - Picture of the top of the head so that every area is apparent (crown, front and back).

Note: We remind you that the compliance with Article 3 of Resolution 1.974/11 from Federal Medical Board, the online assessment doesn’t replace the pre-surgery medical appointment, in which the personal assessment will be made by the doctor, guaranteeing the crucial doctor-patient relationship.


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